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Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. Upfront payment for confirmation is locked in, but don’t worry! You can use it for a future trip instead of losing it completely. Just let them know at least 2 days ahead by email.

  2. Need to cancel? Shoot them an email.

  3. Changing your dates? Give them a heads up 7 days before your original check-in, but keep in mind it depends on what’s available and the price might change.

  4. If they cancel due to bad weather, strikes, or things out of their control, you can reschedule or get a full refund. But they won’t cover any extra costs you have to pay because of the change.

  5. Weekends, holidays, and busy times are off-limits for rescheduling.

  6. The new date for your trip has to be at least a week after your original booking.

  7. You can reschedule anytime between 7 days and a year after your original booking date.

  8. Ultimately, it’s up to the houseboat crew to decide if they can fit you in on your new date.

  9. Once you reschedule, that’s it – no more changes allowed.

  10. Keep in mind, you can’t switch the type of boat, number of people, or bedrooms on your rescheduled trip.

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